How to Make Edible Food Paint & Gold Food Paint

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Easy tutorial for how to make edible food paint and gold food paint. They take seconds to make and can be used for cookies, cakes, and more!



Edible Food Paint Ingredients:

Edible Gold Paint Ingredients:

Edible Chocolate Paint Ingredients:

Special Equipment:


Make the Edible Food Paint:

  1. Mix the ingredients in a small stain-resistant bowl, adding more coloring or vodka as needed until color reaches desired concentration.

Make the Edible Gold Paint:

  1. Mix the ingredients in a small stain-resistant bowl, adding more luster or vodka as needed. ‘Paint’ should be pretty concentrated and will have to be constantly stirred, as it will separate. The best ‘technique’ is to dab the brush where the liquid meets the bowl and press the brush against the side to remove excess liquid.

Painting with Edible Chocolate Paint:

  1. Regular edible paint won’t work on waxy chocolate surfaces. This edible chocolate paint is good right out of the bottle for detailed painting on chocolate. No mixing required.
  2. You can also mix this coloring directly into white chocolate candy melts.


*Even though this recipe contains alcohol, it is safe to use on cake or desserts for children. The alcohol will evaporate as the paint dries and will be gone by the time they are eaten! You won’t be able to taste the vodka. Edible food paint should be tasteless unless you use lemon extract, which may give a very faint lemony taste.