Watermelon Mint Juice + Learning Juicing

Watermelon Mint Juice Recipe + Learning Juicing

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Is cleaning a juicer really that bad? Check out my experience juicing with the Kitchenaid juicer attachment plus get a recipe for Watermelon Mint Juice.


  • 1 small seedless watermelon
  • 1 bunch fresh mint

Special equipment:

Juicer (I use this Kitchenaid juicer attachment)


  1. Cut off watermelon rind and cut into chunks large enough to fit into juicer. Remove any large seeds.
  2. Turn juicer on and put a few chunks of watermelon in, followed by mint and then finish with remaining watermelon chunks.
  3. Garnish with mint and enjoy over ice. If too sweet, add water to taste. My perfect ratio is 1 part water to 3 parts juice.

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