Highway 1 Day Trip + Pescadero Travel Guide

Highway One and Pescadero Travel Guide

No matter how wonderful San Francisco is, and how much there is to do, sometimes we just need to get out of the city for a bit. With work constraints, driving hours and hours is out of the question. Luckily, a quick drive south on Highway One offers a ton of options for easy day trips!

We hit the road with a few friends and made the lazy drive down to Pescadero, with plenty of stops along the way…. Read More »

Personal Chef Date Night with Kitchit

Personal Chef in Home Dining San Francisco - KitchitPreviously, the idea of hiring a personal chef seemed to be a luxury that would just never be in our tight budget! I mean, does anything get more glamorous and fancy than hiring your own chef to cook you dinner!? Then I heard about Kitchit. Kitchit is a San Francisco-based company (currently with services only offered in San Francisco) that brings personal chefs into your home to do the cooking, often for less than you would spend at a restaurant! We decided to host our first dinner party in our new apartment.

love hosting dinner parties. Heck, hosting pretty much anything in general! I really don’t need an excuse, whether it be having friends over for a fancy cheese and wine night or to enjoy the bounty of our backyard lemon tree…. Read More »

Mini Pavlovas for Four with Lemon Curd

An amazing lemon curd pavlova recipe!I’ve had lemons on the brain lately. I mean, it’s hard not to with a backyard lemon tree brimming with possibilities in the form of bright yellow orbs of deliciousness.

Coming from the midwest where a lemon means a trip to the grocery store, I just can’t bear to waste a single one. Our kitchen has been positively overflowing with lemon desserts these days. So much so that I had to invite some friends over to help me eat them all, including the mini pavlovas with lemon curd recipe you find below. But that’s a story for a different day, or a different blog post at least!… Read More »

Bow Ties + Tips for Perfect Skin for Spring

Tips for perfect skin and an easy subtle smoky eye tutorial!

I’m turning 30 in a few months (!) and it seems like overnight my skin has changed. I’ve noticed sun spots, fine lines and just an overall dull appearance for my skin. Seriously, what the heck!?

If you’re like me, you’ve been hearing a ton of hype about BB and CC creams. I love the idea of a lightweight moisturizer with perfecting coverage. One of my favorite brands (and a San Francisco company!), bareMinerals, just came out with Complexion Rescue. It’s all the best features of a BB and a CC, plus a tinted moisture. Before this, I had two modes – bare-faced or fully made up. With Complexion Rescue, it’s like a barely perceptible enhancement of my skin. Almost like photoshop! I’m happy now that I can enter my 30’s with a third mode – subtle, perfecting coverage.

For my tips for (faking) perfect skin and how I do a subtle smoky eye, read on!

… Read More »

Mixed Prints // Visiting Carmel Valley Wine Country

Visiting Carmel Valley Wine Country @ASideofSweet

During my San Francisco staycation, we had a mini girls getaway to the Carmel Valley. Sarah, Annie, Alexis and I piled in a car and headed a few hours south of San Francisco for some relaxation in Carmel Valley’s wine country. I really didn’t know Carmel even had a wine country, but it definitely gives Napa a run for its money! We sipped wine, soaked in the scenery, gossiped and giggled. There was lots of giggling…. Read More »