Sparkle Glitter Sparkle // Holiday Party Look + Amazing Shopbop Sale

Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

This sparkly number is the look I wore to College Fashion Week last month. Looking at the photos, I definitely look holiday party ready, with the bling paired with the comfy red sweater but I swear it wasn’t what I was going for at the time! To tell the truth, my thoughts were something like this. I’m attending an event that will be mainly full of college students. What do I wear so I don’t look like a complete grown up fuddy duddy? Also, does using terms like fuddy duddy basically by default make you one? I figured I couldn’t go wrong going with sparkle and glitter.

In the end, I still don’t look like a college student – that ship sailed a long time ago. But I do love this look and I’ll definitely wear it again now that it’s actually holiday season.

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Persimmon Old Fashioned Cocktail

Holiday Cocktail Ideas :: Persimmon Old Fashioned

Pat and I were originally headed out of town for a give day hike on Wednesday, so my intent was to sign off and leave you with this Persimmon Old Fashioned cocktail plus best wishes for the Thanksgiving holiday! It’s been really rainy here in San Francisco though, and as much as I love the outdoors, hiking in torrential downpour in Northern California is just not how I want to spend my favorite holiday!So I’m having Staycation round 2, with a little Friendsgiving action thrown in the mix. We also have some exciting life changes here at Casa Sweet that will be keeping us busy through the long weekend (spoiler alert: I’m not pregnant!).

Seriously though, I’m so thankful to everyone who reads A Side of Sweet for all the support, the comments, the emails and the general good vibes around here. It really makes all the hard work that goes into recipe development, photography, writing and keeping up with social media all worth it! You’re the best!

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The Perfect Coat

Perfect Fall and Winter Coat | A Side of Sweet

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that I spent the first two weeks of November having a #SanFranciscoStaycation. At work, our vacations come in two week blocks and we have to choose a year in advance when they happen. Pat and I had originally planned to get out of town on a vacation of some capacity, but he actually started a new job the first day of my vacation. Obviously, “Can I have the first five days off of work before I even start?” was probably not the best idea. That meant instead I had some much-needed time at home to catch up on my to do list, explore San Francisco, brunch and generally relax. It was pretty incredible…. Read More »

Eatwell Farm Pumpkin Carving Party


My friends at Eatwell Farm (where we get our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares from) asked me to stop by their Pumpkin Carving Party a few weeks ago and take some photos of the day. Just to remind you, these are the same people behind the Tomato Sauce Canning Party – also known as one of the most fun weekends ever. It was such a lovely day I couldn’t resist sharing them here as well!

The party was located at Second Act on Haight Street in San Francisco and it was so great to connect with Eatwell Crew – Nigel, Lorraine and Emily. It was also a pleasure to watch people of all ages have the simple joy of carving a pumpkin. It’s just one of those simple acts of joy that allow you to feel completely unburdened and free – like jumping in a puddle or stealing some frosting off a cake with your finger…. Read More »

Salted Caramel Apple Tart (Optional Gluten Free)

Salted Caramel Apple Tart Recipe + Bob's Gluten Free Flour Review

You guys, I have a problem.

My name is Kelly and I have a crust addiction.

Hi Kelly.

Seriously, please look at these photos that are supposed to (and do!) represent the most delicious apple tart ever and see how I unconsciously tried to turn my tarts into pie by totally overdoing it on the crust! I just cannot get enough! Thanks to this, these beautiful little buggers now look a bit more like they’ve been made by a fifth grader. If you look closely, you’ll even see a massive hunk of one tart crust completely AWOL. It was a casualty of war and fell off during the baking process. Of course I gobbled it up immediately, resulting in a huge sore burned spot on my tongue. This is really is an issue!… Read More »