Best Taco Dip

If you need a last minute dish to pass that is easy to assemble and uses ingredients that are at any grocery store, this taco dip recipe is perfect! It is sure to be a hit at any tailgate, Cinco de Mayo party or potluck.Best taco dip recipe - layered and healthier than usual recipes

Taco dip is one of my guilty pleasures, except it’s not even really guilty. Compared to my other guilty pleasures like cupcakes or ice cream, this recipe is actually healthy! It’s full of fresh healthy veggies and has black beans instead of the usual refried ones.

It’s a fabulous dish to pass, tailgating recipe, and of course is perfect for your upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Truth be told though, I like to eat is as an easy meal spooned over crushed tortilla chips. Taco salad for the win!

When you read the recipe, you probably won’t believe how easy it actually is…. Read More »

On Turning 30

On Turning 30 - Things to think about when  you're turning thirty

It’s my birthday today! I’m turning the big three-oh.

Rather than approach this next decade with fear, I’ve just been thinking a lot about getting older. And how getting older will (or should) shape my behavior…. Read More »

Lemon Curd Stuffed Cupcakes + Lemon Buttercream

An easy but impressive cupcake - vanilla cupcakes filled with lemon curd and topped with lemon buttercream frosting!

More lemons today for you my dears! This recipe features the lightest and most perfect vanilla cupcake recipe I’ve ever tasted. Seriously. And they are so easy to make! No ‘room temperature eggs’ or fancy ingredients. They are my new favorite thing and I’m going to make them again and again.

This tasty tabula rasa of a cupcake is stuffed with silky lemon curd and topped with a light and slightly tart lemon buttercream. The combination of the three components is absolute perfection…. Read More »

DIY On Fleek Gold Sequin Sweatshirt

Make your own sequin word sweatshirtOn fleek.

All the cool kids are saying it.

I’m most decidedly not a cool kid.Thank goodness for Instagram – I can follow the real cool kids and keep up on the latest lingo. Making my mission to fake coolness one iota easier. Note to self – the cool kids probably aren’t saying ‘iota’.

Just to spare you a trip to Urban Dictionary, ‘on fleek’ means ‘on point’ or ‘perfect’. Which you are, obviously. Girl, you are so on fleek.

So tell the world with this great DIY gold sequin sweatshirt! It’s a fun and easy way to makeover an old sweatshirt. I chose On Fleek, but you could use whatever word or phrase your heart desires…. Read More »

High Tea at the Palace Hotel

High Tea at the Palace Hotel // San Francisco, CAThere’s something absolutely romantic about the notion of high tea. When I think about nibbling at pretty bites of food and sipping tea it makes me think of the glamorous ladies of days past. I sometimes joke that if I hadn’t decided to go to medical school, I would have been just as content being a lady who lunches.

High tea at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco is a little peek into what that might be like. I gathered there for tea service with a few friends and it was so much fun! Definitely a must-do if you’re in San Francisco. Every dish was delicious, and almost too pretty to eat! Finger sandwiches! And the desserts!? The Palace Hotel had their game face on with macarons, edible gold foil, chocolate covered strawberries…. Heaven!… Read More »

Recipe Update :: Kimchi Fried Rice

Lightened Up Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe!My recipe for lightened up kimchi fried rice was one of the first recipes I ever posted on A Side of Sweet (at that time it was called Running Blonde). Although it was delicious, my food photography skills at the time were definitely beginner level.

As a part of the Food Bloggers Central blog hop, Bobbi from Bam’s Kitchen gave my kimchi fried rice a much-needed update! You might remember me mentioning the Blog Hop recently during this 5 Ingredient Baked Egg Boats post. Bobbi is an amazing food blogger based in Hong Kong. She shares tons of healthy international cuisine recipes. You should definitely check her out!… Read More »