Friday Faves // 10

San Francisco Fashion Week Bloggers Connect Event


It’s been so long since I did a collection of my Friday Faves!  Unfortunately I have what we call in residency a “Black Weekend” this weekend. That means I’ll be working all day both Saturday and Sunday. We have a lot of black weekends in residency, but after three hard months with lots of weekends I’m so excited to have two full months ahead where I have every weekend off. Just in case you were wondering, we call those sort of weekends “Golden Weekends”. I’m basically going to be Queen Midas up in here. Sorry for the bad joke, I couldn’t resist.

In other news, I’m looking forward to San Francisco Fashion Week next week! After watching my Instagram feed fill up with snaps from New York Fashion week I’ve been having a terrible case of FOMO. I’m so excited to be hosting an event at SFFW! I hope you’ll join me at Fashion Bloggers Connect on Thursday, September 25th. Get more information and find tickets here.


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Fitting Running Into A Busy Schedule

Fitting Running Into a Busy Schedule + Jawbone Up24

People are usually surprised to find out that I run about 20-25 miles per week. Their first reaction is inevitably, “How do you manage to fit that in to your schedule?” Staying active is a big part of feeling healthy for me and even though I’m working 60-80 hours per week and running this little corner of the internet here, it’s something that I make a priority.

Nike Women's Half Marathon San Francisco Training

Fitting running and workouts into a busy schedule is equal parts time management, creativity, and goal-setting. I’m so excited to share some of my strategies for staying fit even when I’m busy in partnership with the Jawbone UP24. I just started using the Jawbone UP24 fitness band in order to help me get in shape for the upcoming Nike Women’s Half Marathon and I’m excited to share my journey with you.

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Our Big Sur Recommendations

Big Sur Travel Guide - Big Sur, CaliforniaThis is the final post from our weekend trip to Big Sur. I just want to share with you some things that we enjoy when we’re visiting Big Sur in this mini travel guide! Check out Part 1 (Weekend in Big Sur) and Part 2 (Camping in Big Sur)!

Our focus in Big Sur is always the coast. As two formerly land-locked Wisconsinites, both Pat and I are constantly in awe of and appreciative of the ocean. Can you believe how blue that water is!? Every view was like this vibrant, colorful painting and I absolutely couldn’t get enough. I just wanted to dive right in and float away. Of course, in reality the water is freezing, just like it is for us in San Francisco. Dipping my toes in took any remaining desire for swimming away immediately…. Read More »

San Francisco Cable Cars + Girls’ Night

San Francisco Cable Cars - Dressing up for Girls' Night

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the store opening for the new Kate Spade store in downtown San Francisco. And even though it was lovely to be surrounded by the limitless bows and dots that we know and love, the loveliest part of all was getting to spend time with some girlfriends! Katie, Annie and I turned the night into a girls’ night out…. Read More »

Homemade Fruit Leather Roll Ups

Homemade Fruit Leather Roll Ups - Strawberry

I’m going to sneak one last summer recipe in here folks, even though its September already! I feel like there are a million ice cream and popsicle recipes that I just haven’t gotten to yet, but my fall recipes from past years, like this yummy apple bread are already getting more hits. That means you’ve spoken my dears and I’ll change my focus to fall from here on out!

The reason I couldn’t resist talking about strawberries today is because we had a recent bounty of fresh-picked strawberries courtesy of our own labor that we picked on recent trip to Eatwell Farms for their tomato sauce canning party. I made several pints of old fashioned strawberry jam and with the leftovers I made a batch of homemade fruit leather. Similar to my fruit snacks obsession, fruit leather is also high on my list of favorite snacks. I’ve also included suggestions for other fruits as well. You can make this recipe with something that is a bit more seasonal, like apples!… Read More »

Summer to Fall Looks :: Bright Colored Tights

Summer to Fall Looks :: Bright Colored Tights All over the interwebs I keep hearing about the transition from summer to fall. Even though I’m not ready for the days to get shorter, I do love fall. In Wisconsin, the trees turn vibrant oranges and reds and the weather is just perfect. Now in San Francisco, I love fall for a different reason – it’s our summer now! In September, the summer tourists start to leave and the Karl the Fog follows close behind them. Septembers are picnics in golden gate park and dinners in our back yard. So fine, let’s transition!… Read More »